7 Good Songs to Test Out Your New Headphones

So you got your new headphones, now tunes do you  use to test them out? Here is a list our favorite tunes for testing headphones. Not in any order, but just make sure you play them loud.


  1. B.O.B by Outkast 

    This track is a must. The drums and highs of this track will make you bang your head. If your head doesn’t bop, then you need to pack your headphones and send them back.

  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit By Nirvana 

    This track is the ultimate headphone tester. It has everything, guitars, drums, lyrics. A must for headphone testing.

  3. Firestarter by Prodigy

    This is a crazy track that will have your head and headphones spinning. Sounds coming out of nowhere. It it sick, but a superior headphone tester.

  4.  Bad Man Waltz by Salaam Remi

    Not a popular tune, but an excellent headphone tester. The strings give you a chance to test those highs and lows.

  5. Funky Drummer Pt. 1 & 2 by James Brown

    James Brown, do I need to say more? Really you could make a listing only including James Brown tracks.

  6.  Conrete by Sporto Kantes

    Another unknown track to the masses, but I promise a must for headphone inauguration.

  7. Ready or Not (Clark Kent Remix) by The Fugees

    It has to be the Clark Kent remix. The xylophones and drums combination are sick and will break in any headphone.


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