Incredible Headphones that Mute When they Hear Your Name

Let’s face facts: The fact that Noise-cancelling headphones exist is a pretty awesome thing. Unfortunately, they can be a wee bit irritating for people who are trying to get your attention while you are rocking out. The fine folks at Amazon think that headphones with ears are the answer.

These intelligent speakers will be able to monitor the environment. Using the same noise they can cancelling out.If they detect that a person’s name is spoken, the headphones will be able to respond by turning off noise cancellation or even muting audio completely for a period of time so you can respond.

Unfortunately, these aren’t actual headphones that you can head over to Amazon and buy quit yet. No, they are a concept that was described in a patent that Amazon filed way back in 2014. That patent was granted recently.

If Amazon does start making these super smart headphones, they’ll ship with something referred to as a “keyword spotting.” Presumably that would be the same tech that allows things like the Echo and Echo Dot to activate when you say “hey, Alexa.”

Amazon will give you a way to enter your own keywords in — similar to how you record your name for voice mail. The patent also says that you will be able to monitor many keywords with different priorities. This means you can have the headphones respond more when someone yells fire! next to you.


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