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The Best Lightweight Portable Headphones

A pair of the best portable headphones on the market, is amazing for anything from running to traveling!


Check out this list of lightweight portable headphones which you want to consider the next time you go shopping for a good gadget.

1. Bang & Olufsen Form 2

B&O Form 2

The headband of the Bang&Olufsen headphones is fashionable and impressive plus it can also function as an accessory to maintain a carefully coifed bob in place. The band is so flexible that it fits perfectly on your head and the foam-padded ear cups surely add extra comfort to your ears. As for the sound, it can bring out an awesome performance wherein it does a great job in representing the depth and space of every recording. The only downside to this headphone is that it doesn’t easily fold up.

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2. Jays v-JAYS

Jays portable headphonesWhen it comes to being the comfort champions, this one is a sure winner. It is also considered as the lightest headphones in this list that you sometimes don’t notice wearing them at all. For the sound quality, you will hear a great delivery of the bass segments and perfect sounds across tonal frequencies. This is definitely a must buy for everyone who loves music that emphasizes heavy drum lines. Also, it clamps well on your head that it will sit there perfectly without the worry of it falling off at any time.

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3. AIAIAI Tracks

Tracks Headphones

The split-design of the stainless steel headband of the AIAIAI headphone is the most notable feature and also doubles as an adjusting mechanism for the ear cups. But despite the unique and beautiful design, it can still be a bit impractical since it can cause the ear cups to fall apart especially if you put it inside your bag. The steel tracks are also tough but sliding the ear cups won’t provide a smooth slide.

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4. Koss Porta Pro KTC Ultimate

Koss Porta KTCThe Porta Pros were originally designed for more than 25 years ago and in this century; Koss added an iPhone remote to the headphone’s functionality. Over the years of development, Koss never stops impressing users with its sound quality. It can handle bass-lines beautifully and it can provide an awesome punch to your ears whenever you listen to rock music. This headphone can be great for listening but if they are compared to the other headphones in this list, the sound can be easily bland and subdued because the umph in the midst is not present to bring out the life in your music.

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5. Sennheiser PX 100-II

Sennheiser PX-100

If you are looking for every detail that makes up a good headphone, the PX 100-II by Sennheiser surely fits that criterion. It can easily fold into a slim compact package but the overall build is sturdy. However, the ear cups are just slightly foamed but it still doesn’t make them that irritating to wear.

There is also some soft-padding on the hinges of the headband that provides extra comfort for your head. Last but not least, the emission of the sound is spectacular! It can deliver that well-textured bass without risking the loss of tiny bits of detail in your music. You will surely find the music very satisfying to listen to and you will experience that eargasm that you’re looking for.

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So the next time you go shopping for the best portable headphones in the market, the ones included in this list will guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Some of them may have some flaws but it wouldn’t let you down when it comes to providing you with the quality of the sound that you’re always looking for. Go ahead and check on your local stores to see if any of these are available and grab one right away!


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